The Small Print

It is recommended that you take out holiday insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances.

Attendance at the school shall constitute an agreement to the following conditions. Contravention of these conditions, or any other kind of anti-social behaviour could result in a student or student and partner being asked to leave the school.

  • Acceptance of a deposit cheque/payment does not imply acceptance to the school. The Summer School committee reserve the final right to accept or refuse students based on course balance. No correspondence will be entered into on this matter.
  • Students are expected to respect Giggleswick school premises.
  • Any removal of, or damage to fixtures and fittings must be reported to the organiser. The cost of damage will be charged to the student.
  • Students under the age of 18 are not allowed to buy or drink alcoholic drinks in the bar or elsewhere. If they are seen doing so, it will be considered a serious offence and they will be asked to leave the school immediately.
  • Smoking is not permitted at any time anywhere within any building.
  • Official lights out time in the student houses is 12 midnight. There must be no playing of instruments, singing, or any kind of disturbing noise between midnight and 7.30 am.
  • Students may not change their bedrooms without the permission of the organiser.
  • Students are asked to make their own beds in the morning, keep their rooms tidy, return cups to the kitchens and wash them and put them away.
  • Partners who are not participating in school classes are asked only to join with students at meal / break times and during evening concerts.
  • The Summer School Committee reserve the right to change tutors or course content from those listed in this brochure without consultation.

Acceptance of Young People

The M4P Summer School accepts students under the age of 18 years only if they are accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult acting in loco-parentis with the written agreement of the parent(s).The accompanying parent or person in loco-parentis must also agree in writing to be legally responsible for the young person's care and safety throughout the week at the school and adhere to the terms and conditions, and also to indemnify the school against legal responsibility for such young person. These written agreements must be in the possession of the Summer School committee at the start of the school otherwise the committee will be unable to allow that young person to attend the school. The accompanying parent or persons in loco parentis must also be a registered student / partner at the school. Information about students is stored on a computer at the Summer School office, and is used for no other purpose than the administration of the school, and the circulation of Summer School material. Please note that the registration fee of £70, payable to MUSIC FOR PEOPLE, is only returnable if the application is not accepted.