Why Donate ?

"Music for People (Summer School of Music)" (aka M4P) runs an annual Music Summer School. The company has been set up in such a way that the Directors cannot receive remuneration by the company except as justifiable expenses incurred on company business. This means that M4P is wholly administered by Directors on a purely Voluntary basis. All assets, money and donations received will be ploughed back for the good and continuation of this wonderful Summer School.
We, the Directors, have organised the Summer School as an Educational Charity as we believe that Music can be used as a force for good and is a great leveller. We would hope that the M4P Summer School will be around for many more years to be a base for excellence in Lifelong Learning through encouragement and inspiration to all that attend.
The School is aimed at people who want to learn, improve their own knowledge and experience as well as discovering and experiencing new ways to create, rehearse, perform and appreciate music.
To enable all this to happen, for this year's and future Summer Schools, we ask for your help. Donations are gratefully received to enable us to keep the School running.
Please note that the Deposits and Fees you pay for the Summer School DO NOT attract Gift Aid.
If you are a UK tax payer, you may wish to donate to M4P using the "Gift Aid" system. We have attached a Gift Aid Declaration form that you only need to complete with your first donation to send to Kevin John (Hon Treasurer) at the address given.
If you decide to make further donations, no further Declaration form is needed. By donating in this way, M4P is able to claim an extra 25p for every £1.00 you donate (2016 rates) to further our ability to continue and improve the School.
Please ensure that your cheques are crossed and made payable to "Music for People".
If you wish to donate on a regular basis, you may wish to complete the Gift Aid Declaration form and return it to me with a note telling me that you are setting up a Standing Order. Please then complete the Standing Order Mandate and send it to your bank to initiate payments.
If you are able to update your own Standing Orders to your bank online, you may do so using the details on the Standing Order Mandate. In this case, please also complete the Gift Aid Declaration as appropriate and send it to me.
We are still investigating other ways to make it easier for people to donate to M4P and shall update this site when more is known.

Many thanks,
Kevin John
Hon Treasurer
Music for People (Summer School of Music)
49 Cosmeston Street
CF24 4LQ