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£50 Discount! If you bring a new student with you!

If you have attended the school before you will know just what a fantastic week it is. That’s why so many students come back regularly. Why not spread the word and encourage a friend to come with you this year! To encourage you we will give £50 discount on your school fees! If you are bringing one or more new students with you, please photocopy a blank application form (page 5) as required and get them to complete it, then enter all their names on your application form up to a maximum of 3.
The discount is only applicable when both the new student(s) and yourself have paid the full fees by 1st July 2017.

£50 Discount Rules

  • A new student is defined as someone who has not previously attended the Music for People (Summer School of Music) summer school.
  • The discount is applicable if you are an existing student and you bring a new student to the school.
  • The discount is applicable only if both students are accepted for a place at the school and if both students pay their fee by 1st July 2017.
  • The discount is only applicable to the nominating student, not the new student.
  • A discount will apply for each new student you introduce, up to a maximum discount of £150
  • The discount is not applicable to a student bringing a non participant

Methods of Payment
You are now able to enrol and pay on-line. We can accept Debit and Credit cards however there will be a handling charge.
Alternatively you can pay by internet bank transfer;
Our Bank: The Co-operative Bank plc
Account Name: Music for People (Summer School of Music)
Account Number: 65272019
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Payment Reference: M4P, followed by your name – to help us recognise who has sent the payment
Family Discounts – 25% of the cost of the school
This is a brand new discount, introduced to make it easier for family groups of 4 persons or more to attend Summer School as participants. This Discount is available for groups from the same family. For example, if a grand-parent, 2 parents and 1 “child”, even if that “child” is over 18 years old, attend as participants, a discount of 25% of the cost for the family group will be applied. Please state the names of each family member on a separate piece of paper and send it to us with your application. The discount will be applied when all the applications for the family have been received and paid.

"And this shall be for a bond between us: that we are of one blood you and I; that we have cried peace to all and claimed fellowship with every living thing; that we hate war and sloth and greed, and love fellowship, and that we shall go singing to the fashioning of a new world." William Morris.

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